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    Hello, this page of our torrent is made specially for Action movie directed by Patty Jenkins and named "Wonder Woman". This movie began to broadcast in 2017, size of it is 2.4 GB with WEB-DL High Quality and 8.5 points on IMDb.
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Wonder Woman torrent

"Wonder Woman" is one of the movies that you can download or magnet on our torrent. This Action movie is directed by Patty Jenkins and it was published in 2017 with duration of 140 min. Scroll down for more information about Wonder Woman torrent.

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Production Year: 2017 | Movie genre: Action | Movie Size: 2.4 GB | Release type: WEB-DL | Director: Patty Jenkins | Magnet Magnet | Duration: 140 min | Speech: Download Wonder Woman torrent English English | High Quality | Format: 1080p

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Wonder Woman Torrent

In present-day Paris, a staff member of the antiquities department of the Louvre, Diana Prince, receives a World War I-era photographic plate and recalls her past.

Diana was born and raised on the island of Themyscira, home to the Amazons, a race. In the distant past, Ares slew all his fellow gods, but was mortally wounded by his father Zeus. Before dying, to guard against Ares' return, Zeus left behind a weapon for the Amazons capable of killing his renegade the "God killer," which Diana believes to be a ceremonial sword. Diana desires to train as an Amazon warrior, but her mother Queen Hippolyta refuses to allow it, insisting that Ares will never return. However, her aunt, General Antiope and Diana, disobey Hippolyta and begin training in secret. When the two are discovered by Hippolyta, the queen to allow the training to continue of Diana is convinced by Antiope.

Wonder Woman torrent

The German soldiers soon attack the island. Antiope dies protecting Diana, although the Amazons kill and engage every one of the soldiers. Interrogated together with the Lasso of Truth, Steve reveals that the Great War is well underway, and he is an Allied spy. A notebook was stolen by him from German scientist Doctor Maru, who's researching a deadlier form of mustard gas under General Erich Ludendorff. Believing Ares is responsible for the war, Diana leaves Themyscira with Steve to find and destroy Ares and arms herself.

In London, Steve delivers the notes of Maru including Sir Patrick Morgan, who's trying to negotiate an armistice, to his superiors at the Imperial War Cabinet. Steve believes Ludendorff will complete and use the gas . With Sir Patrick's support, Steve and Diana infiltrate spy Sameer, marksman Charlie the Western Front in Belgium, accompanied by the team of Steve, and smuggler Chief. Until Diana pushes alone rallying the Allied forces behind her to liberate a village their group's progress is halted by enemy trenches. The team celebrate, have a group picture taken and Diana grows close to Steve.

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The team learns that Ludendorff will attend a gala at a nearby castle. The party, intending to follow Ludendorff is infiltrated by Steve. Diana, however, believes Ludendorff is Ares and that killing him will end the war. Steve stops her to avoid jeopardizing the mission. Ludendorff gasses the village the team liberated killing everyone. Diana blames Steve for the loss of lives. Ludendorff is pursued by her to a complex where the gas is being loaded into a bomber. Diana kills and fights Ludendorff, but is shocked when his death doesn't stop the war.

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Sir Patrick appears, revealing he is Ares. He tells Diana that although he has subtly given humans ideas and inspirations, it truly is ultimately the decision to cause war and violence of humankind. Ares attempts to convince Diana that she should join him, and that humanity is inherently corrupt and help destroy humankind. While the gods fight, Steve hijacks the bomber carrying the gas and sacrifices it to be incinerated by himself at a safe distance. Inspired by Steve's selflessness and his final words, her power is summonsed by Diana and overpowers and destroys Ares. Back in London, the team celebrates the end of the war.

In the present day, Diana sends an e-mail to Wayne thanking him for the photographic plate of Steve and her and reaffirms her mission to protect all life as Wonder Woman.

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